What used to work yesterday might not work today and could be a disaster tomorrow. The rapidity of economic and technological changes is creating huge intricacies for businesses. Conquering these challenges is what separates those who stand out and those who keep wondering why they could not make it.

From creating an affordable and superfast website to integrating various business functions, collecting data, driving intelligence, creating a better information flow, optimizing cost, enhancing customer relations and maximizing productivity, businesses are struggling hard to keep up with the pace. Enterprises are traversing to a new phase where they are required to go beyond national boundaries, and serve global customers providing them world class experience. While these goals are something that every organization wishes to achieve, businesses are looking for innovative tools and solutions which could help them manage their business better and meet their aspirations.
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ClaySys Technologies: ‘No-Code’ Application Builder

Building business applications cannot be achieved without computer programmers writing thousands or millions of lines of complex software codes. Business requirements keep changing rapidly, and for efficient and fast delivery of business applications, using conventional Java or .NET cannot keep up with the pace as they require highly technical skills and complex coding. The major drawback to traditional app development is for on-going maintenance to incorporate any changes requested by the business. In such situations you need to go through a time consuming and complex process of re-writing sections of your code each time, which is error prone, time consuming and expensive. Now, imagine if developing Apps were as easy as building a toy house with LEGO Blocks, or configuring a spread sheet like Excel. A new concept is evolving in the business applications software industry using ‘configuration’ with ‘No-Code’ to build complex business applications.
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