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Use of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing 

Mubarak Musthafa | Last Updated on : July 27, 2023

AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence in marketing refers to the use of consumer data from online as well as offline sources to predict different consumer behaviors while using applications or websites. This helps businesses to distribute specific content to their target audience through the proper channel at the right time. Digital marketers can use big data statistics to improve the performance and ROI of their ventures while not putting too much effort on their part. Though this description gives an overview of Artificial Intelligence development in marketing, there is a lot more to explain. The application of AI also helps to make campaigns more effective and to achieve their goals by analyzing prevailing data from previous campaigns to give recommendations for tuning campaigns depending on different characteristics. 

Benefits of AI in marketing 

Given the benefits of AI in marketing, many brands have embraced it as a way to not only improve the shopping experience for consumers but also enhance their brand recall. Let us consider the above scenario and explain what the marketing department has been able to reap from using AI.  

Predicting consumer behavior  

Predicting customer behavior would be a powerful solution for many businesses as no business is likely to survive without customers. Knowing how the products have been used by your customers is very important in measuring the success of your business, but it would be better if you could figure out where things are going based on the little trends, we might not be able to identify from the ground. Here is where artificial intelligence comes up with an aid to show how our customers actually behave. AI helps businesses to push away the boundaries of possibilities in online retail. On the other hand, AI analyzes and predicts the leaving behavior of customers from a specific market or business, thus helping companies to focus on the causes of deviation and find a solution at the beginning itself. 

Improved customer experience  

With AI-driven chatbots and virtual trials, AI technology has taken the shopping experience of customers to a greater level. Virtual trials permit customers to check the product they want to purchase and to have an idea about what or how they look like. This is an opportunity for the customers to get detailed insights about a product, thereby eliminating the need for an exchange or return and providing satisfaction with the product. Meanwhile, chatbots help bring customers close to the brand by interacting with them and giving responses to their questions and queries. The more you satisfy your customers by engaging them in your business, the more they invest their interest in your brand. 

Minimized load times  

There must have been a situation at least once in your life where you couldn’t buy a product you were looking for, just because the website took a long time to open up or respond. Customers usually don’t have the patience to purchase a product from a site that takes a long time to load. This definitely affects the sales of products on such websites. AI-based algorithms can easily determine the chances for a user to click on a particular link or product and decrease the loading time of the page in advance. This way the user is driven faster to the product they are looking for, which in turn increases sales as well.  Hence an in-depth understanding of the customer’s behavior and loading their preferred content leads to a significant reduction in load time. 

Content creation  

Companies are beginning to extract benefits from AI as it helps them develop content for the promotion of their brands. Artificial Intelligence was mainly employed in businesses to create reports about the performance and marketing data of organizations. But today, artificial intelligence can create blog posts for companies that increase traffic to their site using SEO strategies to boot.  

Track marketing trends  

Market trends keep changing within a regular period of time, mainly because of the changing customer needs and demands. It is not that difficult to track the trend but coping with the trend and analyzing the reaction of the audience to a trend is quite difficult. Here, Artificial Intelligence allows you not only to track the market trends but also to understand the reaction of the audience to the brand. Hence, you can use those insights in your marketing strategy and increase the reach of the product. Remaining at the top of the market trend will benefit you with a group that wants to purchase your product in line with the trend. 

Ad and search engine optimization  

When AI is incorporated into your marketing plan, it not only helps make relevant corrections but also results in delivering good-quality content for your brand promotion. This is applicable to your ads and SEO. AI has proven the ability to analyze and finalize appropriate keywords for your brand which ensures that you are included in the recommendations of a broad audience than just a comparatively small target group. Taking into account the benefits of AI and the extent to which it is evolving, we know that it will survive here. At the same time, the way we use AI in our marketing plans is to maximize results with an increase in possibilities. 

Wrap Up 

In the initial days, the possibilities of artificial intelligence were confined due to inadequate computing powers. But today with the growth of technology, AI has become the next ‘ray of hope’ in the world of technology. In this digital world, everything is driven by data, especially with the support of AI and machine learning. Markets are no longer defined by boundaries, but by the perspective of a company. The world itself has become a market with a lot of possibilities and competition. Artificial intelligence can be just a new addition to the current modern world but it will continue to exist and evolve over time with the increased adoption of technology in different areas.  

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