An Introduction to AI Chatbots

Ritchie Williams | Last Updated on : July 27, 2023

AI Chatbots

Almost all major companies have adopted chatbots as a fundamental part of their internal and external communication strategies. They are used as an alternative to human workers who provide solutions to first-level queries, because of their ability to mimic human interaction with customers through a chat interface. In simple terms, a chatbot can initiate a conversation with users in the same way a human would do: it asks questions, answers queries of customers based on already set rules and logic.  

When it comes to the technical side, AI chatbots are automated to perform certain tasks such as interacting with human end-users through text, audio, and sometimes both. The performance of an AI-based chatbot is dependent on the knowledge input it has at the point in time. If a conversation with any user brings a query that they are not programmed to solve, they will skip that conversation or transfer it to a human operator. The development of Artificial Intelligence solutions have played an important part in the functioning of chatbots, which allows them to learn and understand human language in order to prepare for the future.  

Some of the best examples of AI-based chatbots include the virtual assistants which we use in our daily lives – Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant. They can answer our general queries, provide customized options based on our previous searches, purchasing history, etc. 

Why are AI-based chatbots the best option? 

Unlike rule-based chatbots that perform only on the basis of given commands, an AI-driven chatbot is designed in a way to function on its own with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP) blended with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and interpretation of human conversation, which enables them to become smarter over time. Let us talk about some major advantages of AI-based chatbots and what makes them better than rule-based chatbots. 

Sentiment analysis  

AI bots can assemble large-scale data sets to recognize the sentiments of your customer’s reviews, mentions, and complaints throughout numerous platforms. 

Understanding behavioral patterns  

Certain behavioral patterns cannot be identified by human agents. In such cases, AI chatbots can identify the behavior patterns of end-users, which you may fail to do sometimes. These patterns and insights can be examined to improve decision-making in business. 

Reduced customer waiting period  

Minimized waiting time indicates high customer satisfaction. AI chatbots offer an effective platform for customers to reach out for assistance without waiting a long time. Customers can register their complaints, queries, and reviews with chatbots and they provide an immediate solution to their queries most of the time. 

24/7 support  

Chatbots are available to provide customer service to the end-users 24/7 as they do not need rest or break like human agents. They will be active all day and night to provide support to the customers without making mistakes. 

Delivering customized content  

When you provide accurate resources for the customers to solve certain issues by themselves, it will indirectly provide better satisfaction to the customers. Today consumers prefer solving their issues by themselves rather than waiting for someone to assist them and this is what AI chatbots do for you. AI chatbots provide customized responses to users and guide them to the right sources with the help of natural language processing and text recognition. This also helps in gaining the loyalty of the customers. 

Multi-language support  

It is easy to program a chatbot as you can train them to learn and understand any language based on your requirements. This is a big advantage, especially in delivering high-quality customer service. You can operate your business and provide uninterrupted customer service from anywhere in the world, without considering language as a barrier. 

Things to look for in an AI chatbot 

Once you have decided to implement an AI chatbot, the next question is ‘how to choose the right one for your brand?’ There are certain factors you should consider before opting for an AI-driven chatbot. Here are some of them: 


When you choose an AI-based chatbot, ensure that the chatbot enables website users to organize meetings, converse with customer support agents, sign-up for newsletters, and have a look at related articles. A chatbot that offers numerous purposes is the only ideal solution to meet all your needs today. If an AI chatbot is able to perform multiple functions, then there is no need for the customer service agents to interfere at all. Overall, it can provide you with an excellent customer experience. 

Omnichannel support  

Understanding the platforms where you can deploy your chatbot is very crucial. The chances are high for increased customer experience and your brand to get noticed when you can implement AI chatbots on multiple platforms like your website, social media platforms, skype, messenger, etc. 


It is important to ensure that setting up your chatbot for the first time is not a difficult task. Your AI chatbot must be capable of dealing with queries and complaints according to the increase in complexity and volume of issues. Also, it should allow you to do it without or with the least help from your AI chatbot platform provider when it comes to customization and training of the chatbot.   

Expertise and experience  

Deploying your AI chatbot is a major part of the entire process because if you do not get an experienced chatbot platform provider with sufficient knowledge, then the chances of you getting a perfect AI chatbot will be very less. Always choose your technology consulting service provider wisely in order to avoid future complications. 

Wrap Up 

AI-driven chatbots have already become an integral part of the technology stack in the workplace. Moreover, organizations that have already adopted AI chatbots have many benefits over those that have not yet moved to machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence. AI-based chatbots can contribute a lot to improvise the customer service experience and brand recognition by offering an interactive tool to the customers who are already tired of the long queue in the customer support section. Another point to be noted is that these chatbots are never intended to replace human workers from their positions, instead, they aim to reduce their workload. 

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