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10 Benefits of IVR in Contact Centers

Eldho Basil | Last Updated on : October 13, 2020

Benefits of Interactive Voice Response in Contact Centers

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a technology that facilitates interaction between humans and computer systems through voice or DTMF tones of a touchpad. IVR comes into the picture at the time of the very initial interaction between a customer and the host company. Here, the computer uses this technology to streamline the customers’ problems and direct them in the right direction before any human help steps in. 

The technology of IVR is used these days in a lot of areas ranging from banking, purchases, retail, travel, utilities, and multiple other services. Such customer engagement is brought about through the contact center services that a company establishes. Keep reading to explore the top ten benefits of having an Interactive voice response system in call centers.

Enhanced Perception of the Brand Itself

A very important part of having a strong brand image is the experience provided to the customers. IVR steps in at the very first stage of customer engagement where the customers try to convey their issues to the company for the first instance. Interactive Voice Response helps to build a strong and professional impression here by making the process easy and interesting for the customers.

Better Growth of the Contact Center in its Metrics

The deployment of Interactive Voice Response technology has helped contact centers in improving their metrics. These metrics include many factors like average answer speed, average handle time, rates of call abandonment, first call resolution, etc. IVR has helped contact centers to come out on the better side of these metrics.

Providing a Personalized Experience to the Customer

IVR provides an arrangement of “self-service” where even though the computer is directing a customer to the right place, the customer feels that he has been helping in solving the problem or at least half of it. This personalized experience leads to a better relationship building of a brand with its customers.

Easy and Quick Problem Solving

IVR detects the problem customer is facing and directs them to a particular department in the company. This ensures that the customer is in the ablest hands to get that particular problem solved, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Cost Reduction for the Company

In a calling arrangement where the receiving party has to pay for the call, companies should realize that every second that the customer spends on the phone is costing extra money. Optimization of the query handling time with help of IVR leads to better savings and cost reduction for the company.

Enhanced Productivity in the Workplace

In traditional methods of customer service, a lot of time had to be spent by the contact center operators to first figure out the problem and then to direct the customer to the right place. Now with IVR, all of this hassle is gone as more time is spent on solving the problem rather than figuring out where it exactly lies.

Increased Ability to Hold High Incoming Call Volumes

When IVR is used to direct callers, then a greater number of calls can be handled at the same time. Since customers transfer themselves in this arrangement, there is a decreased wait time for the callers and more number of calls can be answered at a time.

Be Able to Create Priority Based Lists of Callers

Interactive Voice Recognition Technology systems allow brands to organize calls on the basis of a priority list of customers. Integrating IVR with systems such as Automatic Call Distributors further increases the quality of customer experience when one dials into a contact center.

Monitor Better and Make Data-Driven Decisions

IVR helps to organize and record all kinds of data that the company can monitor to have better insights about the functioning. These insights can be used to make monumental improvements based on a lot of factors like customer preferences, commonly faced problems, rearrangement of the interface, and other such things. In these cases, knowledge derived from the data is very important to build oneself to the needs of customers.

An impression is What Matters

Small companies many times use IVRs to create an illusion for the customers that the company is larger than what it actually might be. The professionalism and the multiple options provided about various departments and such create a certain sense of awe and trust in the minds of the customer about the service that they will get.

Eldho BasilTechnical team leader at ClaySys Technologies.

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