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Is Cloud-Hosted Call Centers the Right Choice in 2020?

Shaji | Last Updated on : October 13, 2020

Cloud Hosted Call Center

A cloud-hosted call center is a modernized alternative to the traditional option of an on-premise call center. This means that the call center would be entirely based online and not in the form of a physical office anywhere. In this case, every instance of communication is taken up via the internet by the integration of voice- video call solutions, emails, and social media. These new digital channels have sprung up in usage in recent times and are picking up pace rapidly. All that is required for a fully functional cloud-based call center setup is access to the internet with enough bandwidth so as to accommodate a cloud server platform.

The arrival of new technology does not necessarily mean that the utility of the old scheme of things is completely decimated. Both setups have their own advantages and disadvantages. This article is going to help you understand the basic advantages and disadvantages of a cloud-hosted call center with respect to the on-premise call centers so that you can make an informed decision for yourself while choosing one of the two.

Does On-Premise Call Centers Make Sense Anymore?

Innovation in any field tries to solve an existing problem to give a better experience to us. Obviously, cloud-hosted call centers offer a lot in terms of ease and functionality and are better than traditional setups in many ways, but still, there are some things that one can get only with these traditional on-premise setups.

Good old reliable management from ground zero

An industry veteran might argue that the authenticity of work can be better overseen by a manager if he is on the spot. On-premise systems enable you to closely oversee all the workforce and equipment so that you know exactly where and how to spend the resources. This way all the costs and the decisions therein can be upfront.

Sense of peace and camaraderie

An on-premise call center offers a certain sense of reliability that all of the data and documents are stored in one particular place without any chance of confusion. Apart from this, the working professionals experience enhanced motivation when they are physically present with their peers and are working with them in an office environment.

Why Cloud Hosted Call Centers Could Be a Better Choice in 2020 and in Future

The first and foremost reason why cloud-hosted call centers can be a better choice in 2020 is the fact that the world is going through the COVID 19 pandemic right now. It is no news that the only way to fight this global virus is to break the transmission chains by following social distancing as much as possible. Cloud-hosted call centers do not require executives and operators to be physically present at a common space. This scheme of operation proves to be monumental to achieve social distancing as everyone would follow a work- from- home pattern. Apart from this, there are other benefits of switching from traditional on-premise setups to modern cloud-based setups.

A faster way to implement initiatives and deploy personnel

When you move the call center service to the cloud, every decision and initiative can be implemented at the touch of a button uniformly for every employee of yours. Hiring and deploying new personnel is also very easy as there have to be no physical hassles of accommodation when one is on a cloud-based workspace. 

Easy upgrades result in new features every now and then

The cloud-based setups and software keep updating and improving themselves from time to time. This results in new features that make the work of operators easy, and also in enhancing the overall experience of the customers.   

Enhanced flexibility and scalability of services

When you are not confined within 4 physical walls of an office, there is no limit to the scalability of any venture. There is increased flexibility where you do not have to be worried about physical assets and you can easily optimize your venture as per your needs without physical constraints.

Monumental reduction in costs

Now one of the most important factors that play in favor of cloud-hosted call center ventures is that there is a huge reduction in costs for the management because the use of physical resources here is next to nothing as everything is online and everyone can be working from their homes.

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