When The World Is Firing, ClaySys Is Hiring

ClaySys Team | Last Updated on : December 22, 2022

ClaySys Hiring

“Every crisis is also an opportunity,” Yuval Noah Harari.

When Coronavirus reared its ugly head, the world began to face an unprecedented crisis that it has ever witnessed. Since the pandemic hit the whole world, people remained indoors, and many uncertainties began to stare at them. Job insecurity acted as the main villain in the long list of their worries, and layoffs seemed to be the order of the day. Even if the world has returned to normalcy, the trend is yet to be reversed. 

But ClaySys has shown an aberration in the trend by hiring more against the wave of layoffs and furloughs. This year alone,  ClaySys has hired 15% more than its regular intake, and the organization is set to add around 2,000 employees to its workforce within a year. 

For the last few years, many organizations have shown an unwillingness to expand and have zeroed in on their core functions. But ClaySys has taken an unwavering stance to stride against the tide by moving into various fields other than technology-related services, including BPO, healthcare, restaurants, etc. 

We continue to hire against the existing vacancies for software developers, AppForms developers, project coordinators, software test engineers, and .NET developers. 

By matching your potential and talents, we can offer you the best workspace that ensures your professional growth and success in a highly-spirited environment. 

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