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Future Proof Dynamic Business Applications
Change is a constant in today’s global business environment. Your business is agile, flexible and rapidly evolves to meet new demands. Your applications must be dynamic enough to enable that pace of evolution!
Forrester Research, in their report, The New IT Imperative: Design For People, Build For Change, describes a new generation of enterprise software capabilities: Dynamic Business Applications. The new Dynamic Business Application emphasizes technology's close alignment with business processes and work. Dynamic Business Applications are designed for people and the way they work, and can easily handle rapid business changes. This new type of application easily supports frequent updates, tweaks and changes without new coding, testing and thereby saving time that these required in the past.
“The New Productivity Platforms:   Your Solution To The AD&D Crunch” John R. Rymer's   

Platforms that speed application delivery and ongoing evolution through: visual tools, hot deployment and continuous innovation, built-in administration and management, and active participation of business experts in application delivery.

We have found 22 products, a surprisingly large number that fits this description. Nine of these platforms-Appian, ClaySys Technologies, Cordys, expanz, LongJump, OrangeScape Technologies...

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The only licensing requirement for an organization is to have licenses for all users exceeding the initial 10 free User limit.
AppForms has the same pricing and licensing model for SharePoint AppForms and Enterprise AppForms.
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Templates that can act as accelerators to support a ClaySys AppForms Designer’s learning curve.
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