IT Consulting & Custom Development
.NET/SQL Server
IT Consulting
With our decades of experience across most key industries, we have a core IT consulting team, that is well equipped to support clients in translating their vision and pain-points to practical and feasible IT solutions. We support a number of Fortune 500 companies today, as a highly specialized boutique firm, for meeting their business specific IT solutions and/or products. We have core expertise in Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Professional Services, Transportation and Logistics, Contact Centres, SAAS Solutions, and custom CRM Solutions.
Custom Development
The entire ClaySys team comes from a background of Custom Development and Systems Integration, from their legacy of working in the Indian Outsourced IT Consulting Industry from the early nineties. Today we support clients on the Microsoft Custom Development stack with .NET and SQL Server, and also the LAMP stack with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Python for Web Applications. For Mobile development, we support clients on iOS, Android as well as cross platform options like Xamarin and Cordova.
IT Consulting & Custom Development Practice Areas
Custom Development
ClaySys also supports customers who want to build custom applications leveraging the Microsoft .Net platform, typically with Visual Studio, using C#, ASP.Net ... view more
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure is the Microsoft Cloud services stack, where Microsoft has made available a whole set of building blocks to help organizations build applications.... view more
ClaySys has been supporting customers on SharePoint ever since the first release of the product by .... view more
Mobile Development
ClaySys has a Mobile Development department that focuses on Mobile Application development.... view more
Most customers who subscribe to Office 365 have access to SharePoint Online as part of their package, but are not able to leverage SharePoint Online effectively.... view more
WordPress is a very powerful but free and open source web content management system (CMS) that .... view more
ClaySys supports clients in leveraging the optimum value from their investment in using ClaySys supports clients.... view more
ClaySys is a SiteCore partner, and we support a number of enterprise accounts on SiteCore implementations and customizations.... view more
Robotic Process Automation is a technology that allows you to simulate a human being interacting with a traditional computer screen interface.... view more
ClaySys AppForms
ClaySys has brought to market one of the leading NoCode and LowCode web application development platforms called ClaySys AppForms..... view more