AppForms Social Media Solution

Today’s banks have a new challenge with the ever increasing use of social media. News, images, opinions, experiences - relating to a bank’s reputation, activities, presence in a community, or a customer experience, problem, or comment - circulate rapidly. Most banks now have their own Facebook page where customers are able to comment on bank posts. Monitoring and responding quickly to customer questions, comments or feedback is a challenge for many banks. The potential for customer experiences to go viral makes Facebook a very high risk, as well as a very high reward, communication vehicle.

In order to respond to both good and bad publicity or information that circulates, banks need to monitor their social presence in a very real-time environment. ClaySys AppForms Social Media Solution has you covered.

Our solution:
  • Monitors your bank’s Facebook page for customer comments and alerts you as they occur.
  • Enables your bank to respond rapidly by creating “tasks” for your Client Service Center.
  • Facilitates getting issues to the people who have the ability to resolve or capitalize on them.
  • Sends the response from the Subject Matter Expert back to the Client Service Center for posting back to the Facebook page.
  • Provides summary reporting of comment and response volumes, types and times.