Reg E Case Management Solution

Reg E, the law that provides for the basic rights, liabilities and responsibilities of consumers who use electronic fund transfers and remittance transfers, guides a financial institution’s response to all consumer claims of fraudulent activity. The regulation covers electronic funds transfers, ACH transactions, and credit card transactions, and has become a major part of every bank’s daily work. The volume of disputes continues to grow as more consumers and more merchants transact electronically, and the responses and resolution of each case must be documented and records maintained. The regulation dictates that a bank’s response must be handled in a timely manner. Regulatory audits request proof of compliance with all aspects of Reg E rules. Generally, the dispute management operation of any financial institution is a resource-intensive process and costly function.

AppForms automates Reg E processes, building a workflow which touches all the involved departments and documents the status of every claim.

Our solution:
  • Centralizes tracking, bringing together all case input from initial complaint to resolution.
  • Ensures efficiency with automated email notification, task reminders, and escalation.
  • Streamlines workflow within the bank, between Operations, Client Service Center, and any other relevant department.
  • Facilitates customer communication with automatically generated letters.
  • Builds in detailed, real-time reporting on individual or aggregated cases.
  • Creates an audit trail with all associated documents attached to each case.