The Marketing group in most banks handles a large number of requests for help from a wide range of stakeholders across the organization. From individual branch managers, to client service representatives, to lenders, to executives - the sources of requests for marketing support proliferate. The magnitude of demands for collateral, advertising, event planning, promotional materials and other marketing support can be a logistical challenge, with channels like mobile, web, and social adding even more complexity to the mix.

ClaySys AppForms Marketing Request System helps bank Marketing Departments streamline and automate fulfillment.

Our solution:
  • Creates one centralized process for submitting Marketing requests from anywhere in the company.
  • Requires the use of a smart form that helps request originators think through their support needs, including media, budget, and timing.
  • Captures all necessary information in required fields in the request.
  • Tracks all requests, including date and time stamp.
  • Ensures that requests are funneled to the appropriate recipient in Marketing.
  • Communicates back the projected completion date to help manage expectations.
  • Builds in a permission based ability to submit requests, and management sign offs.
  • Includes the ability for Marketing to send the request back or to different departments for additional information, as needed.