ClaySys AppForms is a low-code development platform for building apps, forms, and workflows. AppForms can be used with SharePoint, Office 365 or as a standalone version. AppForms is a powerful replacement to InfoPath and has the ability to replicate anything built using InfoPath.

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AppForms Vs. InfoPath

In 2003, Microsoft introduced InfoPath with its WYSIWYG forms designer. It was an important step forward for creating electronic forms and capturing data for front-end applications like SharePoint. The door was opened to anyone who was not a professionally trained application developer to automate their own business processes. InfoPath empowered people to directly contribute impact their own businesses.

But, it fell short. As applications started to rapidly move to the cloud (ie. Microsoft Office 365), these InfoPath and SharePoint applications, many of which were extended using custom coding languages like JavaScript, .Net and others, hit a serious wall. They just simply couldn’t be extended into the cloud. And in 2014, Microsoft decided to end all new product enhancements while offering support to its many users for the foreseeable future. Complex workaround with significant issues and security flaws are now required to make these millions of applications “cloud worthy.”

ClaySys AppForms offers a very clean and more complete answer to solving this challenge. Consider the ClaySys AppForms No-Code Platform like InfoPath on steroids. It does everything InfoPath does and much more while removing the need for any custom coding, making it the perfect alternative to InfoPath. Built to run anywhere. All without writing a single line of code. Below is a head-to-head comparison between ClaySys AppForms and InfoPath. Take a close look and then try it for yourself. We’re here to make it super easy. We’ll even build your first application for free to show you the ease and power of what many are calling The Baddest No-Code Platform on the Planet.

User Experience
InfoPath SharePoint
ClaySys Appforms
Integrated Forms
InfoPath does not support integration between multiple InfoPath forms.
ClaySys supports integrated forms comprehensively, with the ability to pass variables or values between forms, to access Session Variables updated by specific forms, to be accessed from multiple forms.
Responsive Forms
(Mobile Enabled)
InfoPath Forms don't have a responsive design view, for mobile friendly forms rendering.
ClaySys AppForms has a default Responsive Design option to render forms in a mobile friendly vertically aligned view.
Drag and Drop
Form Designer
Needs InfoPath Client to be installed to design the forms.
Forms can be designed using the browser, to launch the ClaySys Designer.
Styling Forms
You can modify the InfoPath style sheet to style your forms.
The ClaySys Forms designer allows you to create the styling you want for the forms.
Chart Controls
InfoPath has no support for Chart controls like Pie Charts, Bar Charts.
ClaySys has a Chart Control feature to create dashboard elements like Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Line Charts amongst others.
HTML5 Forms
InfoPath Using Forms Services allows their forms to be rendered in HTML.
ClaySys AppForms has comprehensive support for HTML5 Forms, that can render on desktop and mobile browsers.
Embedded Forms
InfoPath does not support embedding forms within forms.
ClaySys AppForms has an External Form control with which you can load any existing form within another form being designed. This feature enables the creation of composite forms that are easy to maintain.
Business Logic/Rules
Data Management
Form Security
Form Administration