ClaySys AppForms Workflow

In the latest update to ClaySys AppForms, you can create a workflow integrated with any form you design. Once you submit the form, it is tracked in the workflow dashboard, which has an inbox for items awaiting your action, and an outbox for items you have submitted or are tracking. Each form can also have ad-hoc steps introduced like 'Forward', 'Reverse' to enable process automation requirements.

Datalist with Spreadsheet view and control

The new Spreadsheet Control can be used to view data submitted through forms designed using the ClaySys Dataform feature, to enable users to extend the data view with spreadsheet formulae and functions, making it very powerful.

This new spreadsheet control feature in ClaySys AppForms allows a User to quickly review data behind any designed form, in a spreadsheet control, with all the key features to extend spreadsheet formulas and other calculations using the spreadsheet control.