Partnering with ClaySys

ClaySys is interested in finding partners who will sell, recommend and/or implement ClaySys AppForms solutions. We offer two types of programs to support our business partners : Implementation Partner and Value Added Resellers. You choose the model that works best for your business and our product drives revenue to your bottom line!

Implementation Partner

Implementation Partners analyze, recommend, define, design, build, deploy and/or manage technology solutions for their customers. A ClaySys Implementation Partner has made a formal commitment to implement ClaySys products and softwares. Implementation Partners take necessary steps to train their architects and team members to participate in this program.

Value Added Resellers

ClaySys VARs have a similar business model to Implementation Partners, with the services they provide to their customers. The difference is that they also resell other third party products and services to their customers. ClaySys VARs not only resell ClaySys products and softwares, but also provide services required to support the implementation and ongoing support of the ClaySys products for their clients.

How we started

The ClaySys team worked for decades in the IT industry, developing business applications for SMEs and Enterprise customers. In the course of our work, we often leveraged various third party products to speed up the application development cycle or to fulfill a specific functional need. As we brainstormed on ways to shorten delivery time, make changes rapidly, and not get stuck in the legacy application trap, a revolutionary architecture took shape. In simple terms, this architecture called for a configurable User Interface Designer and a Rules Editor to generate what we call "ClayCode", an XML metadata definition (HTML), and an App Browser that would render this "ClayCode" intelligible to the users of the application, just like a Web Browser renders HTML. As we tested the capabilities of the tool against progressively more complex challenges, re-working past projects that we had hard coded, then re-creating a sales tracking system, and finally recreating the most complex ERP modules in existence, all solely via configuration, without a single line of hard code. We realized that we really had something of value.

The first enterprise application for a Fortune 50 customer went into production in May, 2011. It was done completely via configuration for a contact management center, and called by Microsoft’s Application Support Manager, “the heart and soul of their business”. Extremely complex forms, web services calls to Lexus Nexus for age verification, writing new records to the 51 million user database, scripts that could be changed in a matter of hours, chat, email integration and on and on, all without writing a line of code. Since then other applications have gone into production serving the cable, cellular, airline, financial services/credit card, defense, insurance and many other industries. The product enhancements that have resulted from these diverse and complex projects have matured the tool to the point, that it can configure literally any kind of business application for any industry, or department and do it 30 times faster than hard coding them and making changes equally as fast.