Throughout the years, many MSPs have rightfully earned their place as trusted advisors to their clients. Keeping your customers’ businesses running with the traditional range of IT services has uniquely positioned your company to better understand and address some of their more pressing business challenges.

To date, many MSPs have successfully offered solution configuration services around products like Microsoft SharePoint as the no-code configuration capabilities of SharePoint are quite extensive. Today, with the advent of a new generation of ‘No-Code’ and ‘Low-Code’ application development platforms, the SharePoint-type opportunity is now emerging to become one of the most lucrative and differentiating opportunities available to MSPs today.

This is what ClaySys offers. It’s a way to create unprecedented loyalty among your customers through an ultra-low cost, high margin business with the potential for impressive recurring revenue streams. By abstracting away the traditional complexities of application development, No-Code requires a less expensive, lower skill set to rapidly build custom business applications without ever writing a single line of code.

ClaySys has created the one of the world’s most unique No-Code Application Development Platform and surrounded it with an unprecedented low cost service and support model that’s built to bring your business into this new No-Code future.

Since 2010, ClaySys AppForms has been seen as one of the industry’s leading No-Code/Low-Code platforms by the analysts like Forrester Research. The ClaySys No-Code development platform has successfully been used to create forms, workflows and applications – from the simplest to the most complex enterprise-class applications – across businesses ranging from small Mom-and-Pops to the Fortune 500.

And since ClaySys runs anywhere –on-premise within a client’s existing IT Infrastructure, within an MSP’s managed IT Infrastructure or alongside Office 365 and in the Cloud – it’s flexible for any computing environment. Our partners call it “the Baddest No-Code Platform on the planet.” And we’ve built a Partner Program that’s even “badder.”

The ClaySys Genie Partner Program

The ClaySys Genie Partner Program is based on the many successes we’ve had with MSPs who have leveraged ClaySys to grow additional lines of business around application development and process automation for their traditional MSP service clients. With ClaySys, these partners have grown impressive top-line revenues within their existing client base and beyond, creating one of the highest margin parts of their businesses.

Recurring monthly services revenue is far more preferable than one-time software sales. ClaySys makes this a reality. Leverage your least expensive personnel to build an impressive recurring revenue stream. No need for expensive .Net or Java developers. ClaySys is so easy and quick to use, you can spend 80% of your time offering consulting services and 20% of your time actually building applications and forms.

The ClaySys Genies

We are expert No-Code application developers. We’ve been doing this for over a decade with some of the most demanding Fortune 500 clients. Now, this expertise is yours through an extraordinarily high-touch partnering model. The ClaySys Genie Program provides a fully dedicated ClaySys resource to each Partner.

These Claysys Genies come with expertise in architecting, designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining solutions. They’re available to help train your team and provide always-on day-to-day support. This allows our Partners to plan their engagement bandwidth and resourcing efficiently, where their ClaySys Genie allows them to quickly leverage a lower cost support resource to engage on pre-sales proof-of-concept work, post-sales development and support work.We believe this is far and away the most unique support program in the industry. It seems almost magical!

Program Cost

A completely dedicated ClaySys Genie is available to our Partners at a monthly rate of $2,500, which allows for up to 160 hours of support every month.

The ClaySys Platform licensing is $10/User for the perpetual onsite license, with 17% for annual maintenance, and the $2.49/User/Month recurring cost for ClaySys in Office 365 or in the cloud. This creates a compelling offer that ensures that product licensing is never a barrier to any sale. Our Partners can leverage the ClaySys Platform to implement solutions,while earning significant revenue based on your customers’ budgets for application development,maintenance and services.

To help you better understand how ClaySys can help grow your business in this rapidly evolving world, please contactus directly.