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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Consulting
UiPath – Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Robotic Process Automation is a technology that allows you to simulate a human being interacting with a traditional computer screen interface to do data entry, or automate tasks through the Software Application interface that exists for Human Interaction. ClaySys is a partner with UiPath, one of the leading products in this RPA space. This technology can help automate any kind of data entry to move data between systems, or to move data from Excel to business applications or automate other tasks that are typically done by humans. RPA is really a very disruptive technology, and we have seen immediate gains of 15% to 20% in productivity, through automating mundane data entry tasks, and improving process efficiency through front-end automation to help automate individual employee tasks, thus freeing up their time to focus on the more complex work tasks. RPA has also become a very good option to automate integration between legacy systems, as through RPA we have delivered solutions that integrate with Cobol programs on the IBM Mainframe, or other legacy Unix based solutions, that do not expose an interface or an API.
RPA Advantage
Accuracy And Consistency
Human error is eradicated using RPA and it ensures there are no process deviations.
Incremental ROI On the Long Run
Being a rule based system architecture, RPA does have a longer set up time frame. The effort is well invested for any process which involves repetitive tasks
Instant Scalability
RPA gives you the power to grow exponentially without worrying about manpower and training. Deploy more as you go.
No more sampling of data. Your analytics report can be exhaustive and RPA systems can interpret data at a granular level to give you actionable insights for process improvement.
Change Management
Companies simply don’t make any changes to workflow or processes just because of the chaos during transition. RPA gives you the agility to make changes quickly and efficiently.
Compliance & Data Security
Every single activity is recorded and is available for analysis instantly. Rest assured your compliance audits won’t be a nightmare anymore.