Mobile Development
iOS & Android / Cross Platform Dev with Xamarin
Mobile Development – iOS & Android / Cross Platform Dev with Xamarin
ClaySys has a Mobile Development department that focuses on Mobile Application development on the native iOS and Android platforms, as well as cross platform applications leveraging platforms like Microsoft Xamarin. We have built very complex custom applications for Smartphones and Tablets through our Mobile Development practice, and we have built hybrid mobile apps leveraging HTML 5 for functionality that works with a native shell client, to build more extensive enterprise mobile applications. We specialize in supporting clients in building Mobile apps that can complement and integrate with a number of enterprise applications. We also focus on ensuring that clients create complementary Native Mobile and Mobile Web applications to ensure that the end-users are served appropriately, irrespectively of their channel of engagement.
Mobile Apps & Sites Development Services
iOS & Android Mobile Development
Mobiles apps connects better with customers by providing more value to them and builds a stranger brand image. It also opens up avenues to have engaging communications with your customers to boost brand loyalty. ClaySys has a dedicated division for mobile development, we can make your idea to an app and while you focus on the next big idea.
Mobile UI / UX
Your customers have a smaller screen to interact with your mobile site and creating an auto responsive mobile site for your website won’t cut the ice anymore. Mobile accounts for 50% of web traffic in 2017 and the number is exponentially increasing every day. ClaySys design team can help you create user friendly designs for you mobile site without compromising on aesthetics.
Xamarin Cross Platform Mobile App Development
Xamarin enables us to build cross platform apps (Android, iOS and Windows) with native UI’s using a shared C# codebase. Using Xamarin, our mobile development team can deliver native apps for Android, iOS and Windows at a faster turnaround time and lesser cost.