Access Review
AppForms Identity and Access Management System

For financial institutions today, compliance with the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) is a major responsibility. The purpose of SOX is to provide corporate transparency and improve investor confidence. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is necessary to support SOX requirements for fraud reduction, policy enforcement, risk assessment, and compliance auditing. System security, confidentiality of personal client information, and deterrence of fraudulent activity are all impacted by system access rights.

ClaySys AppForms IAM Solution supports strong security policies across the enterprise, while reducing the overall cost of compliance.

Our solution:
  • Streamlines management of user identities and access rights.
  • Documents each employee’s current access.
  • Automates enforcement of segregation of duties and policies.
  • Automates an annual review of every employee’s system access.
  • Compares employee access to highlight necessary updates.
  • Automates communication for departmental audits and responses.
  • Generates reports with up-to-date access information by employee, department and system.
Complaint Management
AppForms Complaint Management System

Every year complaint management becomes more and more important for financial institutions and regulated entities of all types and sizes.The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) increasing regulatory focus on Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP) has spurred institutions to shift from traditional one-off methods of handling complaints towards standardized and consistent approaches that include centralized tracking, reporting and oversight.The CFPB expects company wide governance of each and every consumer complaint.

These new requirements demand a holistic means of oversight within the corporation, and the development of a central system that can categorize, analyze, track and report on the handling of complaints from the hands-on to the executive level, making sure the problem reaches the individual(s) who can resolve it. This system must also provide a means of tracking outcomes and reporting on them.

ClaySys AppForms has the Complaint Management Solution you’ve been looking for.

Our solution:
  • Creates one central repository for your bank’s many sources of complaints.
  • Documents each customer issue in a distinct case.
  • Provides the ability to attach or input information, including audio files from calls, letters, emails, social posts, or any other documents to a case.
  • Enables the ability to pass a case between employees.
  • Creates workflows that accommodate comments, approvals, and informational feedback throughout your organizational hierarchy.
  • Builds in an escalation capability that ensures every case is addressed.
  • Offers permission-based access to cases across your organization.
  • Captures an audit trail and history for future client interactions.
  • Generates standard reports detailing case volumes, categories, activities, and status.
Social Media
AppForms Social Media Solution

Today’s banks have a new challenge with the ever increasing use of social media. News, images, opinions, experiences - relating to a bank’s reputation, activities, presence in a community, or a customer experience, problem, or comment - circulate rapidly. Most banks now have their own Facebook page where customers are able to comment on bank posts. Monitoring and responding quickly to customer questions, comments or feedback is a challenge for many banks. The potential for customer experiences to go viral makes Facebook a very high risk, as well as a very high reward, communication vehicle.

In order to respond to both good and bad publicity or information that circulates, banks need to monitor their social presence in a very real-time environment. ClaySys AppForms Social Media Solution has you covered.

Our solution:
  • Monitors your bank’s Facebook page for customer comments and alerts you as they occur.
  • Enables your bank to respond rapidly by creating “tasks” for your Client Service Center.
  • Facilitates getting issues to the people who have the ability to resolve or capitalize on them.
  • Sends the response from the Subject Matter Expert back to the Client Service Center for posting back to the Facebook page.
  • Provides summary reporting of comment and response volumes, types and times.
Reg E
Reg E Case Management Solution

Reg E, the law that provides for the basic rights, liabilities and responsibilities of consumers who use electronic fund transfers and remittance transfers, guides a financial institution’s response to all consumer claims of fraudulent activity. The regulation covers electronic funds transfers, ACH transactions, and credit card transactions, and has become a major part of every bank’s daily work. The volume of disputes continues to grow as more consumers and more merchants transact electronically, and the responses and resolution of each case must be documented and records maintained. The regulation dictates that a bank’s response must be handled in a timely manner. Regulatory audits request proof of compliance with all aspects of Reg E rules. Generally, the dispute management operation of any financial institution is a resource-intensive process and costly function.

AppForms automates Reg E processes, building a workflow which touches all the involved departments and documents the status of every claim.

Our solution:
  • Centralizes tracking, bringing together all case input from initial complaint to resolution.
  • Ensures efficiency with automated email notification, task reminders, and escalation.
  • Streamlines workflow within the bank, between Operations, Client Service Center, and any other relevant department.
  • Facilitates customer communication with automatically generated letters.
  • Builds in detailed, real-time reporting on individual or aggregated cases.
  • Creates an audit trail with all associated documents attached to each case.
Management Dashboard
Management Reporting via Dashboard

Technology providers have long touted management reporting via dashboards, most with less than promised results. Often there are proscribed formats, limited capability to directly connect outside data sources to the dashboard systems, challenges with disparate internal systems and formats, complicated file imports to deal with, and other requirements that make the promised product less than ideal.

AppForms Dashboard Reporting Solution provides connectivity between pieces of information originating in separate legacy or other systems within or outside a company, giving your managers the specific critical real-time information they need.

  • Creates a centralized, comprehensive, and real time dashboard for management reporting, based on the information that is important to you.
  • Incorporates data from multiple sources and in varied formats, including Excel spreadsheets, reports, external sources like Facebook, and various bank or vendor systems.
  • Offers a wide variety of report formats and graphic displays.
  • Enables any identified source of data that is available to be incorporated into the dashboard display, in real-time.
  • Provides permission-based dashboard access across the organization, as desired.
  • Customizes dashboard display based on user interests or responsibilities.
Audit Findings
AppForms Audit Incident Reporting

Most financial institutions have a Board Audit Committee that regularly meets and discusses all regulatory and compliance incidents and audit findings that have occurred in the bank. They are responsible for oversight of all cases at the corporate level, and must track and investigate the institution’s responses to audits as part of due diligence for the company. Their responsibility includes risk assessment and ultimately approval of corporate response to any situations that arise.

A comprehensive system of incident description, actions, associated communications and paperwork, and ultimately response, must be maintained by this committee. The AppForms Audit Incident Reporting Solution meets this need for bank Board Audit Committees.

Our solution:
  • Creates a central repository for all information and documentation associated with each audit incident or case.
  • Assigns an ID to every case and is accessible for a status check at any time.
  • Automates email notification for anyone wishing to be alerted to updates to cases.
  • Builds in permission-based ability to add information to a case.
  • Creates an audit trail tracking all actions and additions to each case file.
  • Generates reporting on individual and aggregate case status and outcomes in real-time.
Marketing Requests
Marketing Request System

The Marketing group in most banks handles a large number of requests for help from a wide range of stakeholders across the organization. From individual branch managers, to client service representatives, to lenders, to executives - the sources of requests for marketing support proliferate. The magnitude of demands for collateral, advertising, event planning, promotional materials and other marketing support can be a logistical challenge, with channels like mobile, web, and social adding even more complexity to the mix.

ClaySys AppForms Marketing Request System helps bank Marketing Departments streamline and automate fulfillment.

Our solution:
  • Creates one centralized process for submitting Marketing requests from anywhere in the company.
  • Requires the use of a smart form that helps request originators think through their support needs, including media, budget, and timing.
  • Captures all necessary information in required fields in the request.
  • Tracks all requests, including date and time stamp.
  • Ensures that requests are funneled to the appropriate recipient in Marketing.
  • Communicates back the projected completion date to help manage expectations.
  • Builds in a permission based ability to submit requests, and management sign offs.
  • Includes the ability for Marketing to send the request back or to different departments for additional information, as needed.