Banking Solutions
Financial Institutions share many of the same challenges. Over years of working with clients in the banking industry, ClaySys has developed solutions for a number of common pain points. We’re now offering these solutions as a suite of applications from which you can pick and choose, and be deployed in a matter of weeks after purchase. Each product comes with a dedicated resource from ClaySys for a one-month implementation, and the oversight of a solutions engineer.
Access Review
Simplify compliance with SOX IAM requirements by automating your annual Employee System Access Review, building in escalation and sign-offs, and producing up-to-date reporting.
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Complaint Management
Centralize management of customer complaints, creating a “case” for each complaint, where activity, files, and communications are stored, creating an audit trail for CFPB compliance.
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Social Media
Receive alerts about posts on your bank's Facebook page, ensuring that problems or opportunities are escalated to the right internal subject matter expert for a rapid response.
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Reg E
Automate your Reg E claim processes, with all critical pieces of information and communication tracked, reported on, and archived in a database with an audit trail.
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Management Dashboard
Create a centralized, comprehensive, real-time management reporting dashboard, with graphic display, that incorporates critical information from multiple internal and external sources.
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Audit Findings
Log, track and report on audit findings, risk assessment, follow-up and resolution, maintaining documentation for management and your Board Audit Committee use.
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Marketing Requests
Manage the flow of requests for Marketing support, including documentation, prioritization, tracking, communication and fulfillment for stakeholders across the organization.
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How to deploy these solutions ?

There are two options for deploying ClaySys banking solutions:

  • As a feature installed in Microsoft SharePoint if your bank is using SharePoint Server or SharePoint Foundation.
  • As a web application on a Windows server within your bank’s environment.

The solutions are built on our platform, ClaySys AppForms, which makes configuration, customization or changes significantly easier than with traditional coded applications.

Who can use these solutions ?

These solutions can be directly leveraged by the relevant departments within a bank. They can be deployed to address departmental needs, and need not be setup enterprise-wide, unless desired. Most banks have existing infrastructure and environments that these solutions can easily work within, thus avoiding lengthy procurement processes and infrastructure planning. The typical deployment and production release cycle for any one of these solutions is between 4 and 12 weeks.