ClaySys AppForms for Office 365

AppForms is an add-on to Microsoft SharePoint that enables you to build business forms and extend them to include complex business logic, working with data from SharePoint lists and libraries, SQL Server databases, Web Services, and WCF services. The key difference between AppForms and other products for building forms in SharePoint is that AppForms can evolve into complex business applications, including work flows.

AppForms enables you to build line-of-business applications within SharePoint. Not only does AppForms help you create complex forms, but it helps you extend them to fully create the enterprise scale business applications you need. Our customers have created and deployed a wide range of business applications including CRM, Help Desk ticketing, Purchase Automation, HR Process automation, Employee On boarding/Off boarding, Supply Chain Management, Order Management etc.

AppForms enables you to access data housed in SharePoint lists, SQL Server Database Tables, Views, Stored Procedures and Web Services. Any one of the forms you create can read or write to one or more data sources - giving you all the flexibility and connectivity you need. AppForms gives you the ability to embed complex business logic and validation rules into individual forms which lets you build business applications without needing to write any software code. Since AppForms can work with any existing SQL Server Database schema, your legacy applications can be migrated to SharePoint and you can easily recreate the front-end functionality of legacy Classic ASP, or Visual Basic applications, while continuing to use your existing SQL Server database.

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