Rapid Application Development

ClaySys enables the creation of Enterprise Scale, Line of Business Software applications 30 to 50 times faster than the traditional options. ClaySys supports a collaborative process, to make the Requirements, Design and Development process collaborative and significantly more efficient.

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Legacy Application Migration

ClaySys provides a toolkit to rapidly migrate Legacy Enterprise Applications to a more flexible and scalable environment, which is significantly easier to maintain. Just the savings from maintenance of a legacy application is more than sufficient to fund any ClaySys migration project.

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SharePoint Application Development

The SharePoint version of ClaySys supports building simple to complex Enterprise Line of Business Applications inside SharePoint. ClaySys is fully integrated with all SharePoint features, to support extending the Intranet or Extranet for building and maintaining applications.

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Dynamic Business Applications

Today's fluid business environment can be impossible for older, inflexible software applications to keep pace with. Often, antiquated applications require manual interventions from users, to access separate silos of information and put the pieces together. Interdependent business functions are handled in disparate and disconnected systems. In this aging paradigm, business processes and activities are subject to the limitations of technology; and until recently, innovation has been constrained by the limitations of existing business applications.

All of this is changing.

Forrester Research, in their report, "The New IT Imperative: Design For People, Build For Change," describes a new generation of enterprise software capabilities: Dynamic Business Applications. The new Dynamic Business Application emphasizes technology's close alignment with business processes and work. Dynamic Business Applications are designed for people and the way they work, and can easily handle rapid business changes. This new type of application easily supports frequent updates, tweaks and changes, without new coding, testing and the time these typically required in the past.

This is the ClaySys model.

The ClaySys product was profiled in the Forrester Research report, "The New Productivity Platforms"

    The ClaySys Value Proposition
  • Build Line-of-Business (LOB) applications or migrate legacy apps 30 to 50 times faster than other development tools.
  • Build new apps for mobile devices easily, or extend existing legacy apps to mobile.
  • Deploy change requests rapidly (in just hours or days) once applications are in production.
  • Migrate legacy apps by retaining the existing database and data model or by extending them.
  • Design ClaySys apps easily, for desktop, tablet or smartphone browsers.
  • ClaySys LOB Apps built inside Microsoft SharePoint are "version independent" of SharePoint, so they will work with all future SharePoint versions.